Science by analogy
I will discuss three interrelated threads: 1) the power of open science and public domain data and software; 2) Synthetic Aperture Personality Assessment (or SAPA) which is an analogy to data collection methods used in radio astronomy applied to collecting personality data in psychology; and 3) Persome Wide Association Studies in personality (PWAS) which is an analogy of procedures developed for Genome Wide Association Studies in genetics. None of these techniques are particularly new. Open science was the principal behind the founding of the Royal Society. SAPA like techniques have been used commercially by ETS and other testing companies for many years. PWAS is basically the item-analysis procedures promulgated by Harrison Gough at UCB and Hathaway and McKinley at Minnesota applied to analyzing profiles in a manner familiar to those who worked with Jack Block. The common theme of these three threads is that the study of personality is particularly able to take advantage of the techniques used in other fields as we apply our open software to large scale data sets.
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Berkeley Way West
Wednesday, January 22, 2020
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Personality and Social Research, Institute of
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William Revelle