Studying the mechanisms underlying how cognition and emotion interact (081117A)

The Bishop Lab is running a study investigating how people make decisions when trying to avoid bad outcomes, minimize loss, or maximize reward. The tasks will take place in two sessions over consecutive days, and involve questionnaires and computerized tasks.

One computerized task involves making decisions to avoid electrical stimulation, which will vary in intensity during the task. YOU will be able to choose the maximum level of stimulation that you receive. The other computerized task involves making decision to earn a bonus payment (up to $10 extra).

Volunteers must be right-handed, age 18-40 with normal or corrected-to-normal vision (with contact lenses). You will receive a payment of $15 per hour, a bonus of $10 for coming back for sessions 2 (in addition to any bonus you may receive in session 2 based on task performance). Base compensation will be $70 for the full two sessions, with a potential 0-$10 bonus. If you prefer, experimental sessions 1 and 2 are also being offered for RPP credit (1 credit per hour – so 4 in total, and 1 extra credit for completing both sessions).

If this interests you, please email