Simple versus Complex Decision-Making (092917A)

Study Description:
This study will have you perform a decision-making task that asks you to watch simple animations of shapes, moving dots and colors on a computer screen and then respond to features of the animation display by pressing buttons on a keyboard. It investigates how we make simple, visual-perception decisions versus how we make more complex, abstract decisions. All sessions take place on the UC Berkeley campus in the Berkeley Imaging Center.

- $12/hour for training sessions
- $20/hour for scanning sessions
- In total, expect to earn about $340, though there will be some fluctuation based on actual hours of participation.

Time commitment:
- 5 training sessions at a laptop, 1.5 hours each (an hour and a half)
- 5 scanning sessions in the fMRI scanner,  2.5 hours each (2 and a half hours)
- In total, the study requires about 20 hours. The sessions will all occur within 2-7 days of each other, based on your schedule and the fMRI scanner availability. Please do not opt-in for the study unless you can commit to all 10 sessions.

Eligibility requirements:
• Between the ages of 18 and 40
• Right-handed
• Fluent in English reading and writing
• Not taking any psychoactive medications
• Without history of neurological or psychiatric illness
• Normal or corrected-to-normal vision with contact lenses (no glasses)
• Normal hearing
• No metal implants in your body (dental fillings are ok)
• No claustrophobia


Contact name: 
Melissa Newton
Contact Phone: 
(208) 391-4348