Pharmacology Study on Dopamine and Decision Making (030617A)


UC Berkeley, in collaboration with UC San Francisco, is seeking healthy subjects for a study of medications that may influence decision-making processes. To be eligible, you must:

1. Be between 18-50 years old
2. Have no major health problems
3. Be able to read and speak English
4. Be able to undergo an MRI scan
5. Be a non-drinker or a light social drinker (for women: less than 7 drinks / week; for men, less than 8 drinks / week)
6. Have no significant medical or psychiatric illnesses (such as anxiety or panic disorders, bipolar disease, major depression, or schizophrenia)
7. Not currently be using any psychoactive medications
8. Be willing to provide a blood sample for gene testing

This is a study that involves up to four sessions, on separate days, to take place on the U.C. Berkeley or U.C. San Francisco campuses. On some sessions, you will be given a one-time dose of medication or placebo (sugar pill). As a participant, you will be paid $12/hour for every hour of behavioral testing, $20/hour for every hour of MRI testing, and a completion bonus of $100. We anticipate that subjects who complete the study will earn approximately $300.

To volunteer, please contact us at (510) 985-3972, or email


CPHS Approval #2011-11-3748


Contact name: 
Taylor Vega