Noel A. Simmons

Dear Dr .Ivry:

 Thank you so much for developing PsychologiCAL and including me on you rmailing list! 

It has been interesting to learn of all of the recent projects of the Department.
In one of the editions, I read that you had reached out to former grads and asked them to submit  information about what they had done with their Psychology degree from Cal.  Although I was not able to participate, I would hope that you and current students would find my story of interest.
I graduated with a degree in Psychology from Cal and chose to enter the career field of Human  Resources. Over my 35-year career, I was able to meet literally thousands of people, travel worldwide, and to earn the position of Vice President.   This allowed me the experience of  learning firsthand about cultures, traditions, food, values, etc.  With this knowledge and  experience, I was able to contribute to the success of a start-up company, participating in the IPO  process, and eventually aiding in the acquisition of our company by our largest competitor.   I have since retired.
My counsel would be  that current students should know themselves and participate in careers that would really make them happy, and then they will most likely be successful.  And, that they should keep their options open; while a student, I was mostly thinking about clinical work or research. The field of Human Resources wasn't even a thought.  For me, it was a great decision.
Your students are part of one of the greatest universities in the world.  A degree from Cal is recognized and respected everywhere.  A degree from Cal WILL open doors.  Take advantage.
Should any of your students be considering the field of Human Resources, and would like to speak to someone who has had a career in that field, I would happy to volunteer to do so.
My very best wishes to you and your Department.
Go Bears!
Noel A. Simmons

Georgetown, Texas