Neural bases of Stereopsis (082318A)

Neural bases of 3D-depth perception

The Levi and Silver labs are looking for participants with normal or corrected to normal vision. We will measure your 3D-depth perception: 10% of participants lack 3D-depth perception. To measure it, you will look at clouds of dots moving in depth on a computer screen. We will scan your brain after the measure and issue 3D images of your brain to you.

Conditions of eligibility:

1) normal or corrected-to-normal vision
2) Women-identified
3) Between the ages of 40-45 or 60-65
4) No clear claustrophobia, metal in body, pregnancy, tattoo on face/neck, pacemaker
5) No neurological or psychiatric disorder, or neuro-active medication

Visits in Minor Hall: 1 visit for 1.5 hour compensated at $15 per hour (+ parking/BART - special rates)
Visits in Li Ka Shing Center: 2 visits of 2-3h each compensated at $15 per hour (+ parking/BART - special rates)



Contact name: 
Elizabeth Lawler
Contact Phone: 
(503) 432-1865