Emotion and Cognition Study (082417A)

The Bishop Lab is running a study investigating how people learn to detect danger.

The experiment will consist of a 1.5 hr session. During the first half an hour you will be completing questionnaires, and for the rest of the time you’ll complete a main computerized task (1 hr).

During the main task, you will be looking at abstract images in a computer screen while we record your pupil size using a camera, and skin conductance using a pair of electrodes attached to your left hand. During part of the task, you will receive short bursts of electrical stimulation and hear loud screams. You will be able to select the maximum levels that you are willing to receive for both the electrical stimulation and the scream volume.
Volunteers must be right-handed, age 18-40 with normal or corrected-to-normal vision (with contact lenses, not glasses). You will be compensated $25 for completing this session. This experimental session is also being offered for RPP credit (1.5 credits)

If you are interested, please email affectivecogneurolab04@gmail.com