The Cal Dopamine Study (110714A)
The D’Esposito Lab is seeking healthy, young adults to participate in a pharmacological fMRI study. A sequence of screening and testing sessions take place on the UC Berkeley campus on separate days. Please note: this study requires roughly 18 hours of participation over 5 session; several sessions require up to 5-hour blocks of time. Individuals who complete this study will be eligible to take part in a second study at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory (see below).
Eligibility requirements:
1) 18-30 years old
2) Right handed
3) Current weight over 45 kgs (100 lbs)
4) Able to read and speak English fluently
5) Non-drinker or light social drinker (less than 7 drinks/week for women, 8 drinks/week for men)
6) No metal in your body and not claustrophobic
7) No history of a neurological or psychiatric disorder, or recent history of substance abuse
8) Not currently using psychoactive medications or taking street drugs (you will be asked to take a urine test)
9) Willing to provide blood and saliva samples for genetic and health testing.
10) Not currently pregnant
Contact name: 
Daniella Furman