Attention and Memory in the Brain (050416A)

The D’Esposito Lab is seeking healthy young adults to participate in computer-based and MRI studies on attention and memory. We are currently seeking participants for two types of studies:

1. Computer-based behavioral studies (1-2 hours; $12/hour): You will complete screening paperwork and then perform attention and memory tasks on a computer. The study will take place on the UC Berkeley campus.

2. MRI studies (Multiple sessions of 1-2 hours; $12/hour): During a screening session (1 hour), you will complete screening forms to ensure that you are eligible for MRI, and you will practice the attention and memory tasks you will be performing in MRI sessions. During two MRI sessions (2 hours each), you will complete screening forms and then perform the tasks while in the MRI scanner. All sessions will take place on the UC Berkeley campus.

Please email us at if you are interested in participating! Timing of sessions is flexible and we can accommodate your schedule. Multi-session studies will take place on separate days.

Eligibility requirements for all studies:
1) 18-35 years old
2) Right handed
3) Able to read and speak English fluently
4) Normal color vision (not colorblind)

Additional requirements for MRI studies:
5) Not claustrophobic
6) No metal in your body (braces and fillings in teeth are usually OK)
7) No glasses (contacts are OK)
8) Not currently pregnant
9) Motivated to finish a multi-session study



Contact name: 
Jason Scimeca