3-week TMS and MRI study (090916A)

We are seeking participants to take part in a TMS and fMRI experiment. The study involves a brief MRI and TMS session, followed by 6 sessions across 3 consecutive weeks of TMS, fMRI and behavioral (memory) testing (making decisions about images presented on a computer screen).

The timing requirements of the sessions are as follows:                                                                                                             MRI / TMS session, 1.5-2 hours                                                                                          
Week 1, Session 1 (30 mins) followed 3 - 7 hours later by Session 2 (1 hour)             
Week 2, Session 1 (2 hours) followed 3 - 7 hours later by Session 2 (1 hour)            
Week 3, Session 1 (2 hours) followed 3 - 7 hours later by Session 2 (1 hour)              

Note that the sessions on Week 1, 2, and 3 must begin at approximately the same time each week (e.g. Session 1 starting at 11am and Session 2 starting at 3pm)                                                    

Participants will be paid at a rate of $20/hour plus a $40 completion bonus (~$220 total). The experiment will take place on the UC-Berkeley campus. Please email research.tambini@gmail.com with the subject "3 week TMS MRI experiment" if you have any questions and are interested in participating! 




Contact name: 
Arielle Tambini