Tier 3 Elective Options
Courses Accepted from Outside the Major

The Department of Psychology allows a maximum of two upper division courses to be accepted towards your major requirements. This includes courses transferred to UC Berkeley from another 4-year institution, courses taken through EAP, courses from UC Extension, and pre-approved courses offered at UC Berkeley through other departments (Business, Economics, Legal Studies, etc.). 


Below is a list of courses from other departments at UC Berkeley that will be accepted as Tier III electives for the major: 

  • Anthropology 106: Primate Behavior
  • Anthropology 149: Psychological Anthropology
  • Cognitive Science C100: Basic Issues in Cognition
  • Cognitive Science C102: Scientific Approaches to Consciousness
  • Cognitive Science C124: Psycholinguistics
  • Cognitive Science C126: Perception
  • Cognitive Science C127: Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Cognitive Science C129: Consciousness
  • Computer Science 188: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • Economics 119: Psychology and Economics
  • Integrative Biology C143A: Biological Clocks
  • Integrative Biology C143B: Hormones and Behavior
  • Legal Studies 138: Psychology of Diversity and Discrimination in America
  • Legal Studies 181: Psychology and the Law
  • Molecular Cell Biology C160: Introduction to Neurobiology
  • Molecular Cell Biology 165: Molecular Neurobiology
  • Neuroscience C160: Introduation to Neurobiology
  • Political Science 164A: Political Psychology and Involvement
  • Public Health C129: The Aging Brain
  • Sociology 150/150A/150B: Social Psychology
  • Social Welfare 181: Social Science and Crime Prevention Policy
  • Undergraduate Business Administration 105: Organizational Behavior