Psychology Forms and Petitions

Please find Forms and Petitions for the Psychology Department listed below:

  • Honors Application - Due 3rd week of instruction Fall semester: Honors
  • Psych 99/199 Independent Study Petition, Research Assistant Application - Due 5th week of instruction: 99/199
  • DeCal Course Information Page: DeCal
  • Seminar Application - Due at the end of the semester prior to the seminar (May for Fall seminars, December for Spring seminars): Seminar Application
  • Exception to the Major Petition - Please submit this form to Student Services once courses have been completed during Study Abroad programs, or from other institutions (UC Davis, UCLA, etc.): Major Petition
  • Psych 197 Application for Field Study - Due 5th week of instruction: 197
  • Syllabus Review Form - If you would like a course to be considered as a major requirement, please submit this form with a syllabus attached: Syllabus Review