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Undergraduate Course Information

To see a listing of all Psychology courses including course descriptions, visit the Course Catalog in the Academic Guide.   To know which classes will be offered in a particular semester, visit the Class Schedule and search for the term  you are interested in.


Psychology Undergraduate Seminars - Fall 2017

In Fall 2017, the department is offering two seminar classes.  You can review detailed course descriptions for these seminars here. Due to the small class size and nature of Seminar courses, spots are limited and you must be accepted into the class by the professor/s. 


Psych 148 - Studies of Attachment Relationships

Prof. Main and Prof. Hesse 

Applications for Psych 148 are no longer being accepted.  If you are interested in taking the Psych 148 seminar in the Fall, you must attend the first day of class and be interviewed by the professors.


Psych 168  - Toward a Science of Diverse Communities

Prof. Steele

To apply to Psych 168, download, complete, and submit the Undergraduate Seminar Application. The application must be received in the Undergraduate Student Services Office (3305 Tolman) by July 28 at 4pm. 


Psychology Summer Classes

Summer is a great time to take classes that you need for degree requirements and to explore different areas of Psychology with unique courses.  See below a list of classes being offered in Psychology during Session D this Summer.  For more information about enrollment deadlines, fees, and policies related to taking classes in Summer, visit the Berkeley Summer Sessions website. 


Session D Courses 

Psychology N1 - General Psychology - 3 units

Psychology 3 - Intro to How the Brain Works - 1 unit

Psychology 5 - Technology vs. Psychology: The Internet Revolution and the Rise of the Virtual Self - 2 units

Psychology 6 - Stress and Coping - 2 units

Psychology 7 - The Person in Big Data - 2 units

Psychology 9 - Changing Behavior: Lessons from a Dog Trainer - 1 unit

Psychology N117 - Human Neuropsychology - 3 units

Psychology C120 - Basic Issues in Cognition - 3 units 

Psychology N134 - Health Psychology - 3 units - Prof. Fisher

Psychology N140 - Developmental Psychology - 3 units

Psychology N160 - Social Psychology - 3 units

Psychology N166AC - Cultural Psychology - 3 units

Psychology N180 - Industrial-Organizational Psychology - 3 units (currently Summer only)