Alison Gopnik, Tom Griffiths, Tania Lombrozo, and Fei Xu are pursuing research that indicates that the answer is "yes." Read more: Scientists tap the genius of babies and youngsters to make computers smarter... Read more
The Psyhology Department is offering 17 courses this summer in three different sessions. For a complete listing of courses click here: more
Four mini demonstrations performed by graduate students from the Whitney lab in local elementary and middle schools. For more information about the Whitney Lab, please click here more
Tania Lombrozo is a recipient of the Association for Psychological Science's 2012 Janet Taylor Spence Award for Transformative Early Career Contributions. Read about Tania's work and her thoughts on human curiosity and its consequences here ... Read more
A provocative new study shows upper-class Americans are more likely to lie, cheat and steal. The study builds on five years of research by psychologists at the University of California, Berkeley. They argue that because upper-class individuals are raised with resources, freedom and privilege, they... Read more
What drives addicts to repeatedly choose drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, overeating, gambling or kleptomania, despite the risks involved? Neuroscientists at the University of California, Berkeley, have pinpointed the exact locations in the brain where calculations are made that can result in addictive... Read more