On May 5, 2015, the GSI Teaching and Resource Center hosted a reception to honor Outstanding Graduate Student Instructors (OGSIs). From the Department of Psychology award certificates were presented to the six OGSIs, and one from the Graduate School of Eduation. The OGSI Award is in recognition of... Read more »
Professor Rich Ivry been selected to receive the Distinguished Service Award from the Division of Social Sciences in the College of Letters and Sciences. The award is designed to encourage and reward faculty members who have been exceptionally generous and effective in both undergraduate and... Read more »
Recently Professor Allison Harvey published findings that support effectiveness of cognitive and transdiagnostic approaches to treating sleep disorders. The article was published by the American Psychological Association. "Traditionally the development of psychosocial treatments has involved... Read more »
Get an introduction to the latest scientific findings on addiction's effect on the brain in this incisive talk with UC Berkeley professor Mark. D'Esposito. Understand how certain circuits in the brain that normally guide goal-directed behavior are malfunctioning in the throes of addiction through a... Read more »
“Want chocolate?” asks Dacher Keltner, opening his hand to reveal three foil-wrapped sweets. To a writer arriving at Keltner’s office on the UC Berkeley campus for a morning interview, it’s the perfect gesture: spontaneous, humble, and warmly human. The social psychologist and professor is the... Read more »