The Impulse Working Memory Study (040516A)

Seeking motivated, healthy young adults to participate in an fMRI study.  Experience in at least one previous fMRI study is necessary. This study will consist of 1 behavioral session of 1-2 hours, and 4 fMRI sessions of 2 hours each. Testing takes place at the UC Berkeley campus.

In each session, you will perform a working memory task. First, you will be trained outside the MRI scanner. After that, you will perform the task 4 times in the MRI scanner (separate days). You will be compensated $20/hour. Sessions can be planned over breaks as well. Taking a break for finals/going home is not a problem, however the study should be completed within 2 months.

Participation requirements:
- Have experience in participating in an fMRI study.
- Motivated to finish a 5-session study.
- Between the ages of 18 and 35
- Normal color vision
- 20/20 vision without glasses (contacts are ok)
- Have no metal in your body
- Not claustrophobic

Please email
for more information and screening.  Thank you!

CPHS Approval #2010-02-781


Contact name: 
Jenna Collins